Demand an end to Jew hatred! Stand up for Justice!

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We demand a world without Jew hatred and anti-Jewish discrimination. We are a civil rights movement dedicated to ensuring Jewish liberation from centuries of persecution, and achieving justice for the Jewish people through peaceful direct action.

We are committed to exposing Jew hatred, bringing accountability and consequences for the expression of Jew hatred, and promoting the liberation of, and justice for the Jewish people. For centuries Jews have suffered oppression. Today, the Jewish people remain the oldest and most persecuted minority community in the world.  Inspired by social movements around the world, we are rising to tackle hatred at the root. Now, for the first time, we have an opportunity to de-wire Jew hatred from the culture. We will create a better, more just world by mobilizing the Jewish community to fight for justice for Jews.  We will empower local Jewish communities by supporting on-the-ground activists and leaders. We do not exclude anyone due to differences in theology or partisan politics. A future without Jew hatred is possible if we are determined enough to create it.


We are a grassroots movement centering on Jewish liberation from all forms of oppression and discrimination. We are working to eliminate Jew hatred from Western culture through peaceful direct action and education. We reject all partisan political affiliations and take no positions on issues unrelated to Jew hatred and its eradication.


Justice Matters



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