A Call to Action!

End Jew Hatred Gets Zoom, Facebook and YouTube to Cancel a Jew Hater

SAN FRANCISCO - September 23, 202

End Jew Hatred put together and executed the campaign responsible for shutting down the Jew hating SFSU event hosting known terrorist leader, Leila Khaled. When we targeted Zoom and Facebook, Zppm removed their services and Facebook cut the page for the event. When organizers moved to YouTube at the last minute, we reported it swiftly and the feed was cut midstream. We pointed out that helping Leila Khaled propagandize to students is material support for terrorism, a serious federal crime.

We won.

Effective coordination can yield incredible results. Many other individuals and activists answered our call in support of the action to defend Jewish rights at SFSU. The Jewish community stood strong and demonstrated that we will not allow hate speech in our universities.

Our struggle is not over. End Jew Hatred has achieved great things today, barely a week after hosting a successful protest against bigotry at USC. When Jews mobilize, we win. Our campaigns will continue until victory is assured.

Join our movement to secure total liberation from Jew hatred in this generation.

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